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Often, these questions hit in transition times, when we realize our job is sucking our soul and we quit before we’ve talked ourselves out of it. Or we desperately want to quit, but believe we can quit. Or we’re working 80 hours a week and come home exhausted crying, “Is this it for my life?”

Or maybe a relationship ends, someone close to us passes away or betrays us, our house burns down, or we simply wake up one morning and realize the way we’ve been living isn’t right. Perhaps after raising kids, the nest is empty and we feel our energy hovering anxiously. Or we’ve been wandering from relationship to relationship with no real connection.

Regardless, we’re terrified with the question: “What now?”


do you ask yourself?

  • How can I contribute to a better world?

  • In this troubled time, is what I have to offer enough?

  • In this troubled time, do I even deserve to be happy?

  • What is my life’s purpose? What am I meant to do?

  • What is the meaning of life?

  • How can I find fulfillment?

  • Who am I?

  • Are we all fundamentally alone?

  • Do I belong in the world?

  • How can I participate in meaningful community?

  • How can I find a loving relationship?


Believe it or not, this is not the time to regain your footing. This is not the time to take a deep breath and push through. This is the time to question everything you believe.

If you are lucky, that fierce questioning will lead to death – of the old version of you that was too small, that worked a job you hated, that felt dispensable and dispassionate, that longed for joy but struggled to access it, that let fear make the big decisions – a life that betrayed your soul’s vision.

Together, we’ll work toward that death, and after, a rebirth into your right life. Throughout, nature will be our teacher – your true nature and wild psyche, and the wild world outside.

We work together in conversation over the phone. Afterwards, I provide recommendations for cultivating your relationship to self and to nature, which you explore in between sessions. To dive into some of these exercises, I invite you to my free resource library. For those local to the bay area, I also offer sessions out on the land.


during our time together we’ll

  • Explore your big questions
  • Dive into what is bothering you in the moment
  • Uncover beliefs that are causing you suffering and keeping you small
  • Release and rewrite these beliefs
  • Develop practices for connecting to your deep self, the one who knows exactly how to live
  • Dream up a future for you in which soul has the reigns
  • Work through any set backs as you bring this soul-fueled future into the world

benefits you can expect from working with me

  • A greater sense of purpose, meaning, and direction in your life
  • A greater sense of freedom, joy, and ease
  • A deeper connection to the world around you and to your own self
  • An awareness of your soul gifts and how you can offer them to the world
  • A feeling that anything is possible
  • An awareness of how you are limiting yourself and the patterns that have kept you small
  • Beliefs and practices that are freeing, inspiring, and productive
  • A definition of success that is meaningful to you, and the confidence to aspire to it
  • The feeling that you are making a difference in the world, that what you have to offer is significant
  • The feeling of truly belonging
  • A lasting transformation in how you live
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