Wild Mind Package


Wild Mind Package


5 Sessions

This package is based on my work with Animas Valley Institute's nature-based map of the psyche. It is a powerful approach mapped on to the four directions wheel, the four seasons of the year, rising sun, midday, setting sun and night. We were born from Earth and it stands that our psyches feel its pulls, are a facet of the big being that is Gaia.

BIPOC - please contact me for special rates.

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In each direction there lives an archetype of the psyche. In each direction lives an aspect of your wholeness, your beauty, your compassion, your playfulness, your wonder, your mystery. Together we'll travel the wheel and meet these aspects of yourself, let them shine, and ask for their guidance.

No doubt we'll also meet aspects of yourself that are wounded. We'll care for those parts, look at their stories from different angles, and develop techniques for you to drop back into wholeness when they smart. 

The nature practices for this package are embedded in this map of the psyche. When we meet your south selves, we'll turn to the south, head out at midday, and look for moments of summer. I'll share the medicine of summer plants like calendula and elder. And so we'll go around the wheel. 

The first session is an introduction to the map, and also when we'll talk about what is most troubling you, what you most want to receive from our work together. The following sessions, we'll visit each direction in turn.  After each session I'll provide practices to explore that direction more deeply before we talk again.

What you'll get out of this package:

  • A deep connection to the wholeness of yourself.

  • A realization of where you are wounded, and how your wholeness can step up to help.

  • A reliable way to work with nature to learn truths about your life and path.

  • Where you've been holding back and how magnificent you truly are.

  • The assurance that what you feel can be trusted.

  • The sense that your consciousness is not a lonely wanderer, but truly embedded in the cycles of Earth and life.

The package contains:

  • 5 one hour coaching sessions, over the phone or by Skype

  • Individualized outdoor exercises after each session

  • Unlimited email support

  • A copy of Wild Mind - A Field Guide to the Human Psyche, by Bill Plotkin

  • A handmade, eco-friendly notebook to record your journey