New Story Package


New Story Package


3 Sessions

These intense sessions will help you break down the stories you believe that are causing you suffering, holding you back, and keeping you small. In times of transition we often begin questioning these on our own. This is a perfect package for those going through changes in their lives, relationships, careers, or the way they see themselves and the world. It is also for those who feel that life is a battle, and who are sick of losing. 

BIPOC - please contact me for special rates.

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Here's what you'll receive from this package:

  • Mindfulness techniques to help you notice when your stories surface and how they make you feel
  • Tools to help you check your stories to find what is really true for you
  • The realization that the world is not a battle after all
  • The understanding that what we tell ourselves about our situation is a often a lot more painful than our actual circumstances

The package contains:

  • 3 one hour coaching sessions, over the phone or by Skype
  • Individualized outdoor exercises after each session
  • Unlimited email support