My approach to coaching is spiritually focused And rooted in connecting to nature and to the soul’s calling. It is designed to make you come alive.
This is deep work. My coaching not only improves lives,
but truly changes the nature of them.

how I got here

I’ll never forget the first day of life coach training.

I was miserable. Throughout my seeking, I had come to believe that we each have a unique gift to offer, our original medicine, our mythopoetic identity, our purpose for this life. This continues to be a foundational principle for my work. Only at that time, I feared I was the only one left out of this sacred plan. I had no idea what my purpose was.  I didn’t join life coach training to become a life coach, I joined because I needed life training. I was lost.

I had been lost once before, an experience that I had already considered to actually be the greatest gift of my life.

Everything was peachy. I was a vegetable farmer- digging the hard work of harvest, the tender care of transplanting, and the full belly bounty of the great earth. Life was planned. I had a handsome partner who was excited to help me launch my own farm business. Marriage wasn’t far off. I was on my way to the land of milk and honey.  I called my sweetie for a light chat over lunch, a conversation that shockingly, concluded with the end of our relationship.

The Well of Grief (1).png

Somehow, I was born with the inclination to slip beneath the still surface on the well of my grief. I didn’t resist it at all, and I discovered something incredible. Well, many things: wells of self-healing, a library of soulful counsel, and the magical powers of plants, the moon.

I learned what it’s like to die, to shed an identity.

I deeply and utterly changed - into a whole-er, more authentic, more loving, more emotional, less analytical version of myself. I wouldn’t trade the pain for the world, in fact the pain, the grief, the questioning, did all the work. I believe the bad things that happen to us, as tragic and painful as they are, are not evidence of a terrible world, or even bad luck- they are our affordances.

I now understand my break up to have provided me with a soul encounter, followed by an intense period of trying to manifest the messages I received from within. 

Then I started to listen the messages of our culture, and also my own reeling psyche, which was ready for some form of stability.

So when I signed up for life coach training, I was living a predictable life that my soul couldn’t stomach. I had nurtured an incredible transformation in response to a major change, but I didn’t feel that my living was truly honoring the person I had become.

When the instructor called for a volunteer to demonstrate the basic coaching model (Martha Beck’s anyway), I jumped. I told her a version of this story, to which she replied, “So you believe you should know what to do with your life?” Yes! Of course I believed that! Shouldn’t we all?

Well, no. It is highly uncommon in our culture to know this – we don’t cultivate relationships with our souls, we have little patience beyond instant gratification, and we live in a world we feel powerless in.

Turns out there were lots of good reasons I should not have known what I wanted to do with my life – for instance, I had just started a life coach training program! I have come to see that deep longing is actually crucial to the process of embodiment I was seeking, and that knowing what to do is actually a journey rather than a destination.

Needless to say, this training changed my life and how I think about my life, and enlivened me to share my story and my capacity to help others live more easeful, more beautiful lives.

Ready to bring what had I learned into the world, I longed for another message from my soul and undertook a vision quest with the Animas Valley Institute. I learned that purpose, our original medicine, what we were born to offer, are what we walk through, day by day, breath by breath. If we have the courage to step towards soul, what unfolds is beyond our wildest imaginations, for fulfillment and for justice.


why people work with me

  • People work with me because I can speak to the poetic dimension of the human experience.
  • I honor what is deeply meaningful to my clients, regardless of what the world might call it, leading to personal realizations of what really matters.
  • People work with me because my coaching focuses on connecting humans back into the web of life, as creatures of the earth, and as responsible members of the democracy of species. We are not alone here. And our acting as such has estranged us from ourselves and from the wild and beautiful world. As I help my clients to re-envision themselves at home on this earth, they gain belonging and also a deep love that inspires change.
  • People work with me because of my focus on soul. With all the talk of individuality in our culture, it is rare that someone knows and harnesses their unique gift for the world. In my coaching, I help clients uncover their soul’s purpose and hope, which we work together to creatively bring into manifestation.
  • People work with me because of my own experience finding purpose and meaning, because of my insistence on living fully.

some times I’ve felt utterly and completely alive

  • When I became a farmer: After hours of heavy potato planting, and weeks of waiting watching the still ground, small shoots have emerged from the soil overnight.

  • When I became a seeker: Throughout the spinach harvest, uncontrollable tears and unrelenting grief, able only to surrender fully to my feelings.

  •  When I became an herbalist: Harvesting plantain, a song came to me, and I sang it out loud, unabashedly.

  • When I became an animal: Crushing a California bay leaf, I smelled with deep inhalations, the spicy bright scent energizing me completely, sending numbing tingles through my body and over my mind, carrying the knowing that the world enters and changes me.

  • When I realized the magnificent grace of attention, the importance of what we focus on, the story we tell ourselves: Hiking through an old growth redwood grove, the light rain slipped away and the bright sun came out, sending numinous beams through the water-filled air.

  •  When I embodied the healing power of coaching: A client looked squarely at her limiting belief, let out a giant sigh, a breath held tightly for far too long, which entered my body and filled me with expansive joy.

  • When my soul showed me a truth at the center of the image I was born with[1]: The wind rushed through the cheering pines, whispering to me from the mystery.

[1] phrase from All the True Vows, a poem David Whyte.

What makes you come alive, dear soul?



I have a bachelors of science in Anthropology & Biology from Tufts University. I studied sacred plant medicine with the Gaia School of Healing & ShamanaFlora and western herbalism with Herb Pharm & the California School of Herbal Studies. My training in core shamanism has been with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and with Lenore Norrgard. I completed the Martha Beck life coach training and am looking forward to earning a Wild Mind certificate with the Animas Valley Institute.