coaching in service of life

I’m a white Jewish woman living on Ohlone land now known as Oakland, CA.  I say that out front because much of life coaching and personal development work claims to be ahistorical and operates from a place of hyper-individuality. How can I make more money? How can I be happier? No doubt we all need to make a living and experience joy. But to me life coaching is about building resilient communities.

These communities are made up of people who are so in touch with their humanness, and have reached a level of healing that allows them to be present to the destruction and violence of modern society, and also be showing up in ways that are working to transform the future.  This all evolves naturally in our work together, based on your experiences and what you are facing. Of course your concerns and goals matter and receive focus! I see personal thriving as hand in hand with collective liberation.

The goal of my coaching is to facilitate self-healing and the cultivation of human wholeness. That way when Mystery speaks to my clients about who they really are and about their unique soul gifts, they are able to listen. Who we are at our core, in our souls, is unique to each individual, but what we have to offer is always in the service of life. If we approach movement work from this place of being rooted in our gifts, showing up isn’t a “should”, but one way to live personal truth into the world.

nature-based & soul-rooted

I believe we actually know how to live well, build equitable communities, and honor the web of life. This knowing springs forth from our embeddedness in Earth's systems and also from the unique gift that is only ours to offer (our soul). My coaching helps people uncover their soul-rooted gifts and remember their wild roots, opening the doorway to life filled with purpose, love, beauty and justice - what whole humans truly want.

In our work together our true guide will be your soul and wild psyche, and the wild world outside. I work with my clients over the phone – I listen to what is going on in your life, how you are feeling, what you are struggling with and about your hopes and dreams and fears, and together we dig into those. This process reflects my life coach training with the Martha Beck Institute and my training as a Wild Mind guide with the Animas Valley Institute. After our calls, I recommend practices for you to explore outside in between sessions. These exercises have developed from my own personal experiences of nature connection, enhanced by my training in sacred plant medicine, herbalism, and shamanic practice, and deeply informed by my underworld work with the Animas Valley Institute. For folks local to the Bay Area, I also offer coaching out on the land.

A little more about me.


who I work with

I work one on one with humans who want to make a difference in the world, but feel they can’t, feel they should get involved in a movement but haven’t, that what they have to offer is not enough, or don’t know what their purpose is or where to start. My clients are asking themselves big questions. These often bubble to the surface as they navigate transitions in their relationships or professional lives, or when they realize they are not living fully or fulfilled. I love to work with folks who feel they are at a crossroads in their lives, and are ready to step into something deeper, but don't know what that looks like.


why people work with me

  • I honor what is deeply meaningful to my clients, regardless of what the world might call it, leading to personal realizations of what really matters.

  • I can speak to the poetic dimension of the human experience.

  • My coaching focuses on connecting humans back into the web of life, as creatures of the earth, and as responsible members of the democracy of species. We are not alone here. And our acting as such has estranged us from ourselves and from the wild and beautiful world. As I help my clients to re-envision themselves at home on this earth, they gain belonging and also a deep love that inspires change.

  • My focus on the larger unfolding of human development. With all the talk of individuality in our culture, it is rare to see coaching in service of the more-than-human world (meaning Earth, the wild ones and humans). My coaching not only focuses on individual discovery and meaning making, but on how each individual can contribute to the greater good.

  • My own experience finding purpose and meaning, because of my insistence on living fully.