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The Lost Language of Magnolia

More than one hundred million years before the birth of the first human ancestor.  Long, long before Pier Magnol, in a time before bees were even being, trees we now call magnolia began their lives on Earth. Their spiraled flower parts and primordial petals setting them apart from their fellow angiosperms, and forever marking them as ancient forbear of dogwood, plum, and crampbark, oak, birch, and lemon.

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Starting right where you are.

Meeting the wildness in yourself.

Learning to truly belong to the Earth.

Uncovering your unique contribution.

Living from soul.

Signe helps people connect with nature and with their own true nature, so they can live powerful, fulfilled, and beautiful lives that contribute to a better world. Are you feeling lost, disempowered, or overwhelmed? Signe can help you find the truth of who you are - a strong, impactful, and fulfilled soul ready to live fully.


Our times demand so much from us. You may feel that you are simply not enough. At Earth Axis Within, we know you are. The best way to make a difference is to give from our unique hearts. Redwood can be only redwood, a role that cannot be boiled down to anything language can tackle. You are far bigger than whoever you've been telling yourself you are.